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5 Tips For Choosing Remodeling Colors

Our homes need remodeling from time to time in order to look great. In such remodeling projects, your home’s decorative scheme has to change since the walls must be textured or painted with a different color.

Whenever you want your home to look as good as brand new, a complete change of paint colors for both your interior and exterior will go a long way to bringing the desired change. However, many  homeowners face challenges in deciding on the most appropriate paint scheme, especially some men who are considered to be color blind. It is not uncommon to find people who make a choice of certain colors of paint only for them to end up being disappointed after the work is done.

Road Runner Handyman Consulting service usually offers advice and numerous tips to interested homeowners who are in the process of renovating or remodeling their homes. From the experience that we have gathered over the many years that we have been in the field, we appreciate the importance of having our experts avoid directly choosing colors for clients, Instead, we help them to figure out what color will be most appropriate for their preferences and lifestyles.

Below are top five tips that you can use to choose the right paint colors.

Make use of the colors of nature

For instance, if you live near the ocean, you are well served by going with a coastal color scheme. This includes the application of subtle colors such as creams or sand-white while throwing in modern color pops such as purple, aquamarine, and sunset colors of reds and pinks. Yellow can as well fit into this scheme in a great way.

But if you live in the mountains, earthy hues of the Fall season, such as browns and oranges or even natural colors such as shades of green will suffice.

Begin with one paint color when remodeling

Bear in mind that when picking colors during any remodeling, you are likely to select shades that contrast or complement each other but still sit well together. Choosing one color to begin with  might be the easiest way to come up with the right scheme.

Some of the simple questions you need to ask yourself and find answers to include: What is my favorite color? Where do I love spending my time? What colors catch my attention when looking at remodeling showrooms or photos? What is my favorite place from my childhood where I felt safe and happy?

If you fail to get an answer to the questions, try to think about the colors that you find agreeable and you always feel most relaxed in.

After choosing one color, add two more

One of the two additional colors that you choose is intended for trimming while remodeling. Alternatively, you can go with the first color for trimming while you use the second one as the main color. Unless you are painting children’s rooms, you need to avoid any primary colors. Your second choice of color should always compliment the first one.

Make a choice of a third hue just for pops of color

When it comes to the third color, together with any additional colors that you may want to introduce into the remodeling scheme, it will only be for the purpose of adding pops of color throughout your entire home. This normally goes well with paintings, upholstery, as well as any for other ornamental purposes.

Purchase a quart of each of your favorite colors

Sometimes you might be faced with a challenge of settling on the colors that you want. The best thing to do in such cases is to buy a quart of each of your preferred colors, and use the paint to create larger samples that will enable you to more easily make a comparison. It is also important to note that the colors you settle for will blend well with the other houses in your neighborhood.

Most of the time, latex paints are the best because they are easier to clean and can last for the same period as the oil-based paints. Whether you opt for latex or oil-based paints, it is always imperative to buy the best quality of paint that you can possibly afford in order to avoid the possibility of having to apply many additional coats.

If you are desirous of making the right choices while remodeling, you are likely to have the right changes for the kind of home that is appropriate for you. Instead of being stressful, remodeling should actually be fun as well as exciting. You should not forget that, in case you are in need of any kind of help, Road Runner Handyman Consulting service will always be at your service. All you need to do is to give us a call and you will get the appropriate advice on painting and remodeling.