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The good thing about cedar wood shakes is that they provide homes with a unique and natural appearance that is extraordinarily rich in charm. The uniqueness of shake roofs lies in the fact that no two can be the same. Each one is unique in different aspects, as in width, color, thickness and cut. Some people love having cedar shakes for roofing because of the benefits they offer, such as attic insulation and proper air flow through the small openings under the felt rows.

We, at Road Runner Handyman Consulting Services, know that your cedar wood shakes require proper and regular maintenance to last longer. What your wood shakes need is a reliable painting service from a reputable service provider. In that aspect, you can trust us. We can connect you with expert painters who are skilled and knowledgeable in roof painting and service maintenance, as well as fixing common cedar roofing issues, such as mold, rot and insect attack. The experts we have on our list are not just trained in painting cedar wood shakes, they are also highly capable of restoring, exterior remodeling, re-staining and refinishing your roofing to give it that authentic brand-new look.

We are going to connect with experts who have proven themselves to be highly competent in providing service that goes way beyond anyone’s expectations. Trust us and give us a call and all your cedar wood shake roofing problems will go away.